Dailymail: Reckless bus driver stared at phone 'for worryingly long periods'

Reckless bus driver is filmed staring at his phone 'for worryingly long periods' on a busy European motorway

ABC: Distracted drivers urged to put mobile phones away, remember safety

Angela Meiklejohn knows only too well the impact of just one glance away from the road. Her 81-year-old mother, Audrey Dow, was just a few streets from her home in the Queensland city of Mackay when another vehicle slammed head-on into her car.

DEKRA Solutions: Smartphones and driving – a hazardous combination

More than half of all smartphone-owning drivers are guilty of regularly operating their gadgets while on the road. This is the result of a recent Forsa survey carried out on behalf of expert organization DEKRA.

SafeDrivePod expands into Italy

SafeDrivePod is expanding into Italy. The Dutch-based tech company, which offers a solution to block smartphone touch screens while driving, previously ventured onto the Belgian and German markets.

Gazelle launches SafeDrivePod device to cancel out distracted mobile phone use

Said to be the first of its kind on the market, Gazelle cites research stating that 77% of Dutch people are against the use of mobile phones while cycling.

Mobile phone use is now leading cause of death behind the wheel

Mobile phone use is now leading cause of death behind the wheel.

SafeDrivePod has won International Fleet Industry Award!

We are proud that we won one of the International Fleet Industry Awards in Barcelona on November 16th. It rewards innovations in the area of (international) mobility management.