Brussels: Will smartphones be forbidden while driving?

Using the smartphone while driving can be done in the Belgian capital. The Brussels Region is working on a digital tool to block smartphones so drivers can not use them while they are at the wheel. Using a hands-free kit will remain possible.

Brussels Region wants to reduce use of smartphones while driving

The Brussels Region is working on a digital solution that would allow the smartphone screen to be blocked to prevent motorists from calling while driving using SafeDrivePod

IRU announces World Congress Startup Competition finalists

SafeDrivePod and 5 other finalists will face the judges in Oman.

New safety accolade for SafeDrivePod

SafeDrivePod has won the road safety product Award with their approach to fight smartphone distraction amongst work-drivers at the Fleet Safety Awards.

SafeDrivePod on Shortlist for 2018 Brake Fleet Safety Awards

Brake has announced the shortlist for its 2018 Fleet Safety Awards, which take place on Thursday 11 October.

CarMobility in exclusive deal to offer SafeDrivePod in Germany

CarMobility, the fleet management subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, will be the exclusive distributor for Germany of vehicle safety tool SafeDrivePod.

SafeDrivePod are proud to be partnered with Brake, the UK road safety charity

Brake is a national road safety and sustainable transport charity, founded in 1995, that exists to stop the needless deaths and serious injuries that happen on roads every day.

SafeDrivePod blocks smartphone use at the wheel

Press release by FleetEurope: Carmobility, the independent fleet management company of Volkswagen Financial Services introduces SafeDrivePod in Germany.

Europe on the Move: Commission completes its agenda for safe, clean and connected mobility

The Juncker Commission is undertaking the third and final set of actions to modernise Europe's transport system.

Dailymail: Reckless bus driver stared at phone 'for worryingly long periods'

Reckless bus driver is filmed staring at his phone 'for worryingly long periods' on a busy European motorway