DEKRA Solutions: Smartphones and driving – a hazardous combination

More than half of all smartphone-owning drivers are guilty of regularly operating their gadgets while on the road. This is the result of a recent Forsa survey carried out on behalf of expert organization DEKRA.

Fifty-five percent of those surveyed confessed to using their smartphone at least every now and then while driving. DEKRA Accident Research also discovered another disturbing fact: On average, seven percent of road users are distracted by their smartphones at any given moment.

The experts at DEKRA Accident Research travelled across Germany in May 2017, observing more than 15,000 drivers for the purposes of evaluating distraction. At seven percent of all traffic observed, smartphone usage was by far the most common source of distraction. Furthermore, it was more common for drivers to use their phones around town (7.1 percent) than on country roads (6.7 percent) and on the autobahn (5.8 percent).

In this video, the experts will show what happens when you use the smartphone while driving.

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Photo: DEKRA