The Safe Driver: Removing the temptations of checking messages while driving

Latest news The Safe Driver: Removing the temptations of checking messages while driving
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We go through life often being tempted by things we know aren’t good for us. The rich foods when we know we shouldn’t eat them, the expensive items at the store we know we should not buy and of course, using our cell phones while driving when we know it’s a distraction. For many people, it’s tough to ignore these temptations. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was something that could help avoid them? Well, when it comes to the temptation of using the phone while driving, there is help.

I’m always looking for things that would help drivers remain safe on the roads. I came across a cool product from that locks the screen of your phone automatically while you’re driving. This stops you from knowing when you’ve got messages as it shuts off access to any apps you have on your phone while you’re in motion. This ensures you won’t hear any incoming messages while you’re driving. In many cases, if you don’t get distracted by the beeps, buzz or ring, you may forget about it and focus on driving.

The safedrivepod allows you to make hands free calls through your Bluetooth if your vehicle is equipped, but that’s about it. After all, we are trying to help you avoid the temptation, so this is a much needed step. The phone can be unlocked after being still for roughly 20 seconds, which will allow the user to receive their messages after they’ve reached their destination.

It’s a very simple process actually. The pod is the size of a quarter, just a little thicker. It needs to be mounted anywhere within the vehicle; the console, the glove box, anywhere. Once you enter the vehicle, it sends out a wireless signal from pod to app to indicate when the vehicle is in motion. You don’t have to do anything to your own phone before driving. From there, you’re all set to drive and will be less distracted by your cell phone.

As an additional perk, there is an administrative page you can view online. If you’re using the pod for a family member or employee, you’ll see how they’re doing with their driving, how many calls they made and if they turned off their Bluetooth off during the drive. This can give you enough information to have a discussion with them and stress the importance of remaining focused on the driving task each time they’re behind the wheel. However, sometimes mistakes do happen and the Bluetooth may have been turned off in error. A text message/email will then be sent to the user to remind them it should be turned on.

Before I recommend any items which can help individuals to become safer drivers, I like to test them out. That’s exactly what I did with safedrivepod. It stopped me from being immediately notified of incoming messages until I was safely at my destination. I tested it out for a week and was please with the results. Although I don’t have the temptation of checking my phone for messages while driving, knowing it will block messages from showing up immediately on a phone is the proof I need to know it will help many drivers. It just makes sense to use the tools out there to help you avoid the temptations.

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