Why is location access requested and how do I set it up?

FAQ iOS app Why is location access requested and how do I set it up?

We do not use location data and therefore we never store it.

On iOS, there is no way to keep an app running in the background at all times. If someone closes / swipes the app, it is closed. Once an app is closed for 24 hours, it will result in 'no data' for that day, which will affect the driver's score.

That is why we would like to start the app automatically as soon as it is unexpectedly closed, here is the GPS permission.
By setting this permission to 'Always', we get a message as soon as you cover a distance and we use that message to start the app. That message does not say where you are, only that you have traveled a distance. So we have no idea where that is, and we don't want to know.

The pods themselves are thus GPS-free, which means that using GPS only when someone swipes / exits the app, not to determine if someone is driving. It is therefore better not to swipe the app away at all: our solution always works immediately and no GPS is needed, so better for the battery.

To set your GPS permission to always:

1) Open the app and click the button with the shield (located between the Bluetooth and Pod button at the bottom of the screen).

2) On the screen that follows all permissions / settings can be set correctly, it says 'Always keep the app running'. If a button is shown, click it. Is the button not there? You have already set it up correctly and you are done!

3) Click on Location and choose Always.