What is it?

SafeDrivePod is the comprehensive solution for smartphone/tablet use in traffic for both motor vehicles and bicycles.
It ensures that the mobile or tablet cannot be used while driving, and is available for both Android and iOS.

Hands-free options (voice-activated calling and car kit) are still usable.
Navigation apps can be used on Android (Google Maps, Waze, etc.) and on iOS (Apple Maps).

Your investment in SafeDrivePod is earned back in less than a year because damage costs are significantly reduced. The estimated ROI is better than 1:50. So it's not just an investment in safety!

Our solution consists of 3 steps

How it works 1

The SafeDrivePod itself is mounted somewhere in the vehicle and transmits a wireless signal to indicate whether the vehicle is moving.

How it works 2

The app on your phone keeps track of whether you are driving and then makes access to all apps impossible. Only hands-free calling and navigation apps are still possible. For your safety!

How it works 3

Both you and the fleet manager can monitor your compliance of the SafeDrivePod system. If you want to outsmart the system, it will affect your score.


Download the app

Safedrivepod is easy to install

No expensive IT is required:

  • You will receive a package at home (or at the office) with the SafeDrivePod (the size of a coin).
  • You just have to download the app from the app or play store, register and connect the pod to the app.
  • Place the pod in the car (e.g. the glove compartment) and you are done!
  • Because of these relatively simple steps, there is no need for expensive IT support!

How does it work in the car?

If you have installed the SafeDrivePod in the car, you will notice the following:

  • The smartphone screen is blocked while driving.
  • If the car is stationary for more than 5 seconds, you can use your phone again.
  • Hands-free calling via car kit or voice-control remains possible.
  • Android: all navigation apps remain fully usable.
  • iOS: Apple Maps for map display on the phone; all navigation apps can be used via Apple CarPlay.
  • Spotify: start your playlist before driving or use Android Auto/Apple CarPlay to switch between songs.

Our products

We have different SafeDrivePods, for different target groups.
All have been developed by us for the longest possible battery life and contain our unique algorithm, so we don't need GPS and we can close the screen of an iPhone.
By default the v2 is used, for long distances the v3 and with a double connection the v4.

V2 pod
Distance: 150.000 km
Dimensions: 24x24x7 mm
Simultaneous connections: 1
SafeDrivePod Truck
V3 pod
Distance: 1.500.000 km
Dimensions: 50x37x18 mm
Simultaneous connections: 1
SafeDrivePod Plus
V4 pod
Distance: 400.000 km
Dimensions: 30x30x10 mm
Simultaneous connections: 2

Compared to others


  • Works on Android and iOS
  • Screen is black while driving
  • Notifications are blocked

Privacy and battery

  • No GPS
  • Low battery usage


  • Starts automatically
  • Can not exit blocked state while driving
  • Phone unblocked at stand still

Phone use

  • Can receive calls
  • Cannot initiate calls via screen
  • Can initiate hands free calls
  • Reading messages blocked
  • Sending messages blocked
  • Navigation apps work


  • Compliance is checked
  • Gamification
  • Dashboard and reporting system

Do not disturb

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Do not disturb

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Third party
3rd party apps*

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