How do I set “Stop Distraction While Driving”?

FAQ Android app How do I set “Stop Distraction While Driving”?

The Android app can put an end to distractions while driving, such as incoming messages from Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Phone calls are always allowed.

To set this up, open the app and go to the Permissions overview (click on the button with the shield under Clive).

Then click on "Allow" behind the heading "Stop distractions while driving" and in the pop-up click on "Settings".

You will now be taken to the list of apps that have permissions to the "Do not disturb" function of Android.

Search for "SafeDrivePod" and turn it on (also choose "Allow" in the pop-up).

Pay attention! Is "SafeDrivePod" not in the list of apps?
Then the app is installed in the “work” profile on the phone instead of the personal profile.

As a result, it will run in a “protected” environment of the phone and the app therefore does not have this permission (and will therefore not be included in the list).

Remove the app for a moment and then install it again, but make sure you open the Play Store via the “personal” profile!

See the image for how you can switch between personal and work in the overview of apps and where you can immediately see which apps are installed on it.

After installing you can immediately choose to log in and SafeDrivePod will be in the list of apps.