How is my score calculated?

FAQ Android app How is my score calculated?

Your score ranging from 1 to 10 is an average over the last 30 days.
For all infringements that you see under 'Influence on score' under Statistics in the menu, penalty points are given.
The following items may be listed (if something is not listed on the web under score influenced by, it does not apply to you):
- Switching off Bluetooth and duration (minutes). Note: if your phone is in airplane mode, this will not affect the score
- No data received (for example telephone switched off or in flight mode all day).
- Switching off location data (GPS).
- Number of times the telephone was unlocked while driving by pressing the sos button.
- Number of calls while driving and duration (minutes).

We add up these penalty points up a daily basis, together with those of the previous 30 days.
We then use the average to calculate your score.
We use a monthly average so that the performance of one extremely good or bad day does not immediately have a major impact on your ranking.

It does not matter if you do not drive one day; this only becomes apparent after you have not driven for 30 consecutive days.
So if you do not use the car during the weekend, or if you use the train/bus instead of your car one day, does in no way affect your rating.