How long will the SDP keep working?

FAQ Pod How long will the SDP keep working?

It depends on what model pod and what kind of smartphone you have. The Bluetooth connection with an Android phone runs at a slower pace than with an iPhone, because the iPhone has to be closed very quickly when you try to open the phone, while with Android the screen is blocked in a different way that is not affected by the Bluetooth connection speed. So, on Android the pod lasts about two times longer than on iOS. 

At the moment, there are three SafeDrivePods:

1) The smallest pod (version 2) lasts for about 150,000 km or about three years on Android.

2) The bigger Truckpod (version 3) has a different Bluetooth chip inside and a much bigger battery, which lasts for more than 1.5 million km on Android.

3) The last version of the SafeDrivePod, the round but somewhat bigger version 4 contains a much more efficient Bluetooth chip so that the battery can run for up to 400,000 km on Android.

All these distances have to be divided by 2 for iOS.

And don't worry, if the battery of your SafeDrivePod is depleted during your contract, we will just ship you a replacement!