Insurance POST: Driving out Distraction: Is mobile phone use an addiction insurers should worry about?

On 10 August 2016 Tomasz Kroker was driving a truck on the A34 – ahead of him was a very visible long queue of traffic travelling uphill. The truck was travelling at 50mph, and Kroker made no attempt to reduce speed when he hit the first vehicle.

SafeDrivePod at FIA Region I Start-up Challenge

SafeDrivePod is visiting the FIA Region I Start-up Challenge today.

Fleet Europe: Danish insurer Tryg uses SafeDrivePod

SafeDrivePod has entered into a cooperation with Danish insurance company Tryg, one of the largest non-life insurers in the Nordics.

Dekra: ADAC Truckservice und SafeDrivePod kooperieren

Das SafeDrivePod-System des gleichnamigen niederländischen Herstellers unterbindet die Handy-Nutzung am Steuer.

ADAC Truckservice kooperiert mit SafeDrivePod

(ADAC Truckservice GmbH & Co. KG) Die Ablenkung ist kurz, aber die Folgen können tödlich sein.

App for that: Smartphone-distraction-avoidance assist

Michelin group company NexTraq announced the launching of NexTraq MobileBlock, a smartphone app that in partnership with SafeDrivePod locks smartphone and tablet screens during driving.

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Nextraq.

NexTraq, a Michelin group company, is a part of Michelin’s Global Services and Solutions business line.

Time: Why We Can't Stop Texting and Driving

Once smartphones arrived in the hands of the masses, it didn’t take long for drivers to start using them behind the wheel — not only to make calls, but also to send text messages.

The Safe Driver: Removing the temptations of checking messages while driving

This article written by is first hand use and evaluation of our product.