Brussels: Will smartphones be forbidden while driving?

Latest news Brussels: Will smartphones be forbidden while driving?
Using the smartphone while driving can be done in the Belgian capital. The Brussels Region is working on a digital tool to block smartphones so drivers can not use them while they are at the wheel. Using a hands-free kit will remain possible.

Despite the various awareness campaigns in the past, many drivers in Brussels (as in Athens) continue to use their smartphone while driving, forcing authorities to launch actions for initiatives that combine road safety with the digital dimension. The selected programs may include a phone blocking system as soon as the car starts to move. As a first step, it will be a voluntary program, according to Bianca Debaets , Minister of the Interior of the Government for Road Safety and Digital Change.

Smartphone blocking can be achieved by using the SafeDrivePod application , which requires drivers to install a small device in the passenger compartment and download the SafeDrivePod application on the smartphone. Once turned on, the pod locks the smartphone screen as soon as the vehicle exceeds 10km / h. SafeDrivePod allows drivers to use their smartphone through their hands-free kit.

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