App for that: Smartphone-distraction-avoidance assist

Latest news App for that: Smartphone-distraction-avoidance assist
Michelin group company NexTraq announced the launching of NexTraq MobileBlock, a smartphone app that in partnership with SafeDrivePod locks smartphone and tablet screens during driving.

“NexTraq’s MobileBlock helps to stop smartphone-based distractions behind the wheel,” said Todd Hanna, vice president of sales for NexTraq. “In many states and municipalities, using smartphones and tablets while driving is against the law.” For commercial drivers nationally, regulations prohibit utilizing mobile devices to make calls unless using in hands-free mode.

Of device use, Hanna added, “It can be dangerous. MobileBlock is a solution that can keep the driver and crew safe while at work.”

Available in the United States and Canada, MobileBlock is a small, self-adhering pod that is mounted in the vehicle. An app is downloaded from the App Store or Google Play to the tablets or smartphones used by the driver of the vehicle. The software shuts off all access to apps while driving.

Emergency call and navigations apps are still usable with the tool installed.

Source: Overdrive

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