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Guido Kutschera neuer Deutschlandchef: Zum 1. Januar 2021 hat Guido Kutschera (52) zusätzlich zu seinem Amt als Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung der DEKRA Automobil GmbH die Verantwortung für die #DEKRA Region Deutschland übernommen:

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We are very pleased to announce our four new Co-CEOs to join @AdrianWeiler. Dr. Andreas Meyer, Matthias Berlit, @Peter_Frerichs & Dr. @joergherbers have assumed their new roles effective January 1st, 2021 as INFORM advances its plan for sustainable growth.

11 jan 21
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Dr. Andreas Meyer entered his new role as CEO of @inform_software at the beginning of 2021, with Roy Prayikulam taking over Andreas’ previous role of Senior Vice President, Risk & Fraud. We wish them both continued success at INFORM! More details here > .

11 jan 21
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"Concrete #doelstellingen zijn belangrijk voor de wilskracht om #verkeersonveiligheid aan te pakken. Nederland kan een voorbeeld nemen aan de EU en de VN, die met de 'Decade of Action' het aantal #verkeersdoden tussen 2021 en 2030 willen halveren."

8 jan 21
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Nach dem vom #Kabinett verabschiedeten #Unfallverhütungsbericht muss die #Bundesregierung jetzt schnell in einem Verkehrssicherheitsprogramm darüber zu informieren, mit welchen Maßnahmen sie die #VisionZero bis 2030 erreichen will. Die Vision Zero ist sonst ernsthaft gefährdet!

9 jan 21
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This is the 1st week of the Decade of Action for #RoadSafety 2021-2030 An opportunity to build on past successes & innovate to reduce road deaths by 50%. Looking forward to collaborate with partners on a new plan & scale up action everywhere to make sure this & all kids stay safe

7 jan 21

#sanna #safedrivepod #monozakelijk #visionzero #50by30 #notextingwhiledriving onze nieuwe aanwinst per januari :Sanna. Niet wetende dat het trending zou worden vandaag

6 jan 21
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How is your country doing ? with #roadsafety 2020 Less traffic - more deaths in NL 🇳🇱 Nelly Vollebregt, president #roadvictim ass. Vereniging Verkeersslachtoffers (VVS) #verkeersslachtoffers our dutch member: "it´s a shame & unacceptable" @ETSC_EU @PetervderKnaap @Transport_EU

4 jan 21
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In de jongste nieuwsbrief van het VN Verkeersveiligheidsfonds ga ik in op het belang van doelstellingen voor 2030: ons land heeft die niet, maar de EU en de VN gelukkig wel. #verkeersveiligheid

24 déc 20
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@Lina_Konst from @EuroRAP: "Road infrastructure needs to be safe for all #roadusers. And we need to tackle that proactively and reactively!" It was a pleasure hosting you at our conference!

15 oct 20
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What do people see as the main risk to their safety?  Terrorism? War?... @LR_Foundation asked this question to 150,000 people in 142 countries: The answer was… road traffic injuries The 2nd Decade of Action for #RoadSafety 2021-2020 is timely &needed.

7 oct 20
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So happy to participate to my 1st physical meeting after such a long time @EU_Commission High level Group on #RoadSafety

1 oct 20
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Congratulations to @didierdrogba, our @FIA #3500LIVES #RoadSafety Global Campaign Ambassador, for this well-deserved honorary distinction

30 sep 20
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#MobilityWeek 2020 starts tomorrow! We want our cities to become #safer, #cleaner and #accessible to all. During this week and beyond participant cities from all around Europe will show how #greener and more #digital they all could look like.

15 sep 20

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Brussels Region wants to reduce use of smartphones while driving

The Brussels Region is working on a digital solution that would allow the smartphone screen to be blocked to prevent motorists from calling while driving using SafeDrivePod

Making calls while driving may soon be a thing of the past in Belgium’s capital. The Brussels region is working on a digital solution that would allow the smartphone screen to be blocked in order to prevent motorists from calling while driving. The use of the smartphone via the hands-free kit will remain possible.

Real scourge
The problem of the telephone while driving is a real scourge in the Brussels Region. In 2018, some 10.451 drivers were fined, or nearly 29 motorists fined each day. Although the numbers are decreasing, they are still high.

There have been several awareness-raising campaigns in the past, but now Bianca Debates (CD&V), Brussels Secretary of State for Road Safety and Digital Transition, wants to go one step further.

“A call for projects has been launched for initiatives that combine road safety and the digital dimension. It is likely that one or the other project will involve a system to block the telephone as soon as the car is in motion. It would first be a voluntary pilot project”, explains Debaets.

This blocking system would be done via the SafeDrivePod application. “The motorist installs a small device that would allow the smartphone screen to be locked when the person is driving, preventing him from viewing his messages and other applications”, explains Touring.

The operation of this too is very simple. First step, just install the device – it is smaller than a 50-cent coin – in the front passenger compartment before downloading the SafeDrivePod application to the smartphone. When the driver enters his vehicle, SafeDrivePod automatically connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone.

Screen lock
As soon as the vehicle exceeds a speed of 10 km/hour, the pod locks the smartphone’s display. It is only deactivated if the user is stopped for more than 30 seconds, for example in a major traffic jam.

On the other hand, SafeDrivePod allows you to easily use your smartphone to make or receive a call with the hands-free kit, and is thus less radical than other phone blocking solutions.

Fearing for the privacy
According to a recent study, 10% of Belgian drivers continue to make calls with their mobile in their hands, and this type of application helps to stop the phenomenon.

However, this solution as already been tested in several companies. “Employees were concerned about this tool, fearing for their privacy”, says Benoît Godart, spokesperson for traffic safety institute, Vias.

Dutch application
SafeDrivePod is a Dutch invention. At the English road safety congress Brake Road Safety Fleet has won the Fleet Safety Product Award for ‘the product that has the most impact on road safety through innovation’.

The company SafeDrivePod, headquartered in Oosterbeek, operates in more than 20 countries. Its customers include global fleet owners, insurers and leasing companies. Touring has also tested SafeDrivePod for two weeks. Their findings were positive, but they feel that the consumption of the smartphone battery can be optimized because it is now running out of power quickly by the localization.

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