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Telematics done right: an easy-to-install and fully autonomous telematics solution

Jueves 5 enero 2023
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Telematics solutions can be quite difficult to install and operate. At SafeDrivePod, we aim to offer insurance agencies, leasing companies, fleet managers and their end users a very straightforward experience. That goes for both initial setup and daily use.


Getting started

Setting up a telematics solution can be quite an endeavor. With difficulties ranging from moderately tech savvy to full-on rocket scientist, there's a lot that can go wrong with integrating 3rd party telematics solutions. That's why we decided to go another route. First off, our pod doesn't need an external power source. That's already one obstable crossed off the list. As it's an ultra-low-power device, it can run for 250.000 kilometers on a single cell battery charge. If you ever reach that number (some people do that with ease), just send us back the unit and we'll provide you with a new one. And no worries: your pod will get a new battery and be useful elsewhere.


As easy as applying a sticker
Besides not needing an external power source, our pod also doesn't need to communicate with the car's onboard central processing unit. There is no need to fidget with OBD ports and/or setting up any other exotic connections to the car's brain. In short: if you know how to apply a sticker, you can handle the installation of our pod. Getting started is as simple als downloading the app, running through the initial setup and following the on-screen instructions on where to stick the pod. That's it.


Fully autonomous
Besides our telematics solution being very easy to install, it's daily operation of our telematics solution is easy as well. To be exact, it doesn't need any user input at all. SafeDrivePod is a fully automated telematics solution. After installation and initial setup of the (Android or iOS) app on the smartphone, all selected features will start automatically every time the vehicle starts moving. This means that the driver never has to manually start or stop the device or the app before and after a trip.


Watch a short clip on how we think telematics should be done:


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