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SafeDrivePod offers a complete solution that not only ensures the smartphone screen is locked while driving, but also helps you to improve your driving behavior

What is it?

There are 3 steps to our solution

How it works 1

Put a SafeDrivePod in your vehicle

How it works 2

Install our app on your smartphone

How it works 3

Track performance and improve your driving behavior


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Driver DNA


The SafeDrivePod measures how fast you accelerate. This says a lot about your driving style


Accident risk is related to how hard you brake


Your driving style is affected by how corners are taken


A quarter of all accidents are caused by distraction by the telephone


We detect a collision so that help can be provided quickly


Privacy is guaranteed, we do not use GPS

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A complete solution

  • Only blocks the screen while driving
  • Navigation & calls possible
  • Starts automically
  • No GPS usage needed
  • For Android & iOS
  • For cars, bikes, vans, buses & trucks


crashes caused by cell phones

€ 600.000

1000 cars



800 damages per year


per year

200 damages phone use


crashes caused by cell phones

no money saved

€ 0,-

per year

investment in SafeDrivePod

€ 48.000



1000 cars


per year

600 damages


crashes caused by cell phones

0 damages phone use

€ 552.000*

per year

lot of money saved

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SafeDrivePod in the media

Automotive Innovation Award 2021!

Proud! On the SafeDrivePod Team. We were one of the finalists in the competition for the Automotive Innovation Award.
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SafeDrivePod - Automotive Innovation Award 2021 finalist

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Nearly one-in-five young people admit to video calling while driving

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SafeDrivePod is a patented solution that prevents mobile phone usage while driving

Did you know…

… cell phone usage while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year?

… texting while driving is 6x more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk?

… 94% of drivers support a ban on texting while driving?

… 27% of all crashes are related to cell phones?

… sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. At 55mph, that's like driving the length of an entire football field with your eyes closed!

Who is using it?

Proud of our champions

" The use of cell phones while driving is one of the main risks in road freight transport. According to estimations by insurance companies, 25 percent of total costs are currently caused by truck drivers who are distracted by their smartphones. However, it makes a difference to read about the consequences or to experience them. Our roadside assistants can see the catastrophic impact in practice every day. It is our responsibility to make people aware of the fact that it is also possible to increase road safety effectively by simple means. This is why, on the one hand, we support the efforts of the EU and the FIA campaign 2 seconds. In addition, the SafeDrivePod system will become an optional part of our product portfolio "

Dominique van den Eijnde, SHE Manager at Heineken Nederland

" One of the top priorities of HEINEKEN worldwide is Road Safety. Driving is part of our daily business, from transporting commodities to our breweries till bringing the product to the (end) customer. In The Netherlands, HEINEKEN has installed Telematics (insights in behavior) and the SafeDrivePod (preventing distraction) in the vehicles of the HEINEKEN fleet. We believe that this supports a safer environment on the road, both for the employees as for the other road users. "

" I recognize the rising number of traffic casualties in the Netherlands as a major social problem. The rise is mainly due to distractions caused by the use of the smartphone. As a company, we feel responsible for the safety of our employees and those of other road users. That is why we want to promote a safe driving style. SafeDrivePod plays an important role in this. That is why it was a logic choice for us to provide this smart technical solution to the over 700 lease cars of the Canon employees who are on the road every day. "

" The G4S security company is committed to creating a safe working environment for its customers and employees on a daily basis. Every day we have an average of 800 vehicles on the street. In addition to the safe road program, we also offer our employees the inclusion of SafeDrivePod, an excellent preventive solution, which helps to reduce the risk of accidents. "

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Team Image Paul Hendriks

Paul Hendriks

Paul Hendriks is initiator and founder of SafeDrivePod. He is the driving force behind the commercial success of the company.

Team Image Erik Damen

Erik Damen

Dr. Erik Damen is co-founder and the technical brains behind the product. He has years of experience in product development and software.

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