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SafeDrivePod enables insurance companies to strengthen their damage prevention, fine tune their services and rates to individual behaviour and respond quicker to accidents

A privacy-friendly way to monitor individual driving behaviour, reward good driving, prevent damage due to distraction on the road and starting the claim handling process directly after an accident happens

An affordable route to data-driven customized insurance

One driver is not the other. All insurers will agree. There are several methods of categorizing individual drivers into risk profiles, but few of them lead to Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) in a cost-effective way. In addition, data collection at an individual level poses many privacy challenges.


SafeDrivePod allows insurers to monitor only the most relevant variables of driving behavior per driver, significantly reducing the impact on privacy. A variable insurance rate is usually based on things such as the number of kilometers to be driven, a general risk profile and/or age. By using SafeDrivePod, this can be expanded with crucial variables for estimating risks, such as driving time and the intensity of braking, acceleration and steering movements.


Monitoring and subsequently actively encouraging safe driving usually leads to fewer accidents. Our solution for limiting smartphone use in traffic fits in seamlessly with this. In addition, SafeDrivePod enables insurers to reward good driving behavior and retain contractors with a favorable risk profile. SafeDrivePod fits in well with the pursuit of a 'clean' wallet.



Direct communication when it really counts

When things go wrong - despite all preventive measures - you want to be able to switch as quickly as possible. While you as an insurer are usually dependent on the involved driver or emergency services for a First Notice of Loss (FNOL), our solution for crash detection saves you a lot on claim handling thanks to an automated, Instant Notice of Loss.

However, SafeDrivePod not only facilitates communication when things go wrong: thanks to the built-in communication options, it is possible to build customer relationships in an accessible way and from a relevant context. This can be used as part of the customer retention or upsell strategy, but also to enhance the overall level of service.

Assured of cost-effective multi-functionality

SafeDrivePod is a very affordable, privacy-friendly and multifunctional telematics solution for insurance companies. It provides insight into driving behaviour, limits distraction in traffic and accelerates the response in the event of accidents. Thanks to our hardware and software developed in-house, which are easy to operate and can be installed without professional help, we are able to charge a substantially lower rate than traditional providers of telematics solutions. An additional advantage is that SafeDrivePod can be scaled up in an instant and without the intervention of an installer with additional, safety-enhancing functionalities, which not only benefits the insurer, but also the insured in several respects.


If required, we assist with the installation, operation and daily use of all elements of SafeDrivePod. Finally, we offer a solution for complete or partial product and data integration with external products, services and systems. White labeling is also an option. For every insurance company, it is therefore possible to make a good combination of functionalities that perfectly match the stated needs and expectations.

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Benefits of SafeDrivePod for you and your customers

The world's only driving behavior solution without the use of GPS, so no worries about privacy

Efficient claim handling in the event of traffic damage, full control of the process from the first notice of loss

Very competitively priced compared to other telematics solutions

Competitive advantage through possibilities for individual price differentiation

Direct messaging with the end user through the app and dashboard


of all car accidents are caused by smartphone use



cause for workplace deaths are motor vehicle crashes



of the employees request a safety policy of their employer

Dutch Ministry

SafeDrivePod helps you with risk profiling, risk prevention, faster claim handling and an integrated, safety-related product and service for end users