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SafeDrivePod is the solution for smartphone/tablet use in traffic for both motor vehicle and bicycle.
It ensures that the mobile or tablet cannot be used while driving, and is available for both Android and iOS.

Hands-free options (voice dialing) and car kit are usable.
Navigation on the mobile/tablet is fully possible on Android (google maps, waze, flitsmeister etc) and on iOS (Apple Maps).

How many pods do I need?

1 SafeDrivePod must be placed per car.
The driver of the car installs the app via the Appstore or Google Play Store and can easily via de app and connect the app with the pod.
For each company/household, 1 person (the fleet manager), can see how everyone adheres to it in the dashboard.

Reliable, safe & fast:

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We will send the ordered pods, including the invoice, within 3 working days.

Costs per pod are € 25,- per year excl. VAT / € 29,95 per year incl. VAT.
This is for the pod, software and warranty; minimal duration is 2 years.