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How does it work?

SafeDrivePod offers a complete solution that ensures the smartphone screen is locked during driving.

The product is a combination of three elements:

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The SafeDrivePod itself, mounted somewhere in the vehicle, sends out a wireless radio signal to indicate when the vehicle is driving.

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A powerful app running on your phone that shuts off all access to apps when you are driving. You are allowed to make hands-free phone calls and use your navigation apps.

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An important aspect of our concept is your safety. Your manager made a deal with you to get you and the car home safely. He/she will get informed about how you use the SafeDrivePod system.

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It works both for Android and Apple iPhone devices

What is SafeDrivePod?

The innovative solution to reduce distractions while driving.

SafeDrivePod provides insight into the behavior of your employees.

Fleet managers want their people to arrive home safely every day!

Fleet managers want their drivers to arrive home safely every day. Instead they deal with increased numbers of car accidents and increased cost of claims. An alarming 25% of the total cost of car damage is related to the driver being distracted by his or her smartphone.

SafeDrivePod prevents smartphone caused distraction during driving. SafeDrivePod offers a complete solution that ensures the touch screen of the smartphone is blocked during driving.

A SafeDrivePod in each vehicle ensures fleet managers that drivers cannot use their smartphones during driving. This leads to a reduction in car damage and cost from claims. Above all, it contributes to improved road safety and more certainty that employees will arrive home safely.

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Latest news

Insurance POST: Driving out Distraction: Is mobile phone use an addiction insurers should worry about?

On 10 August 2016 Tomasz Kroker was driving a truck on the A34 – ahead of him was a very visible long queue of traffic travelling uphill. The truck was travelling at 50mph, and Kroker made no attempt to reduce speed when he hit the first vehicle.

SafeDrivePod at FIA Region I Start-up Challenge

SafeDrivePod is visiting the FIA Region I Start-up Challenge today.

Fleet Europe: Danish insurer Tryg uses SafeDrivePod

SafeDrivePod has entered into a cooperation with Danish insurance company Tryg, one of the largest non-life insurers in the Nordics.

Dekra: ADAC Truckservice und SafeDrivePod kooperieren

Das SafeDrivePod-System des gleichnamigen niederländischen Herstellers unterbindet die Handy-Nutzung am Steuer.

Safedrivepod is easy to install

No expensive IT support by the fleet manager is needed

  • The driver receives a package at home or at the office containing the hardware (a matchbox-sized pod) and an instruction manual.
  • The driver registers on the SafeDrivePod app.
  • The driver downloads the app on his smartphone, enters his credentials and connects the app with the product.
  • The driver places the product in the car, for example, in the glove compartment.
  • The use of the product is relatively easy enabling much lower customer IT support costs.

How does it work in the car?

When the SafeDrivePod is installed in the car, the driver experiences the following:

  • During driving, the touch screen of the smartphone is blocked;
  • After 20 seconds of standstill the touch screen is unblocked again;
  • Making hands-free calls is still possible;
  • If the user switches off Bluetooth or the app, a notification will be sent to the user by text message/email;
  • If the user pressed the SOS button to unlock the phone in case of emergency, a notification is sent to the user by text message/email;

Our unique solution

The combination of pod, app and server make it hard to tamper with the system.

The smartphone has entered our lives and it seems we cannot live without it, not even when we are driving. Although we know we should not do it, we immediately tend to respond when we hear a notification of a new message. Countries have regulations that prohibit smartphone use during driving but the authorities are not able to enforce these regulations at all times. There are tools in the market that help you to avoid distraction but each of these tools can easily be avoided.
The combination of the three elements (hardware, software and server) make SafeDrivePod a unique and innovative tool and the only product in the market that cannot be tampered with without knowing.

Return on investment

SafeDrivePod provides a return on investment (ROI) within one year by reducing cost. The estimated ROI is about 4:1, so it is not only an investment in safety!

Social responsibility

Enable your employees to arrive home safely!

A new issue to deal with: smartphone caused distraction

A SafeDrivePod in each vehicle ensures the fleet manager that drivers can only use their smartphones for hands-free calls during driving. This leads to reduction of car damage and claim cost reduction. Above all it contributes to improved road safety and more certainty that employees will arrive home safe. SafeDrivePod is good business, good employment practice and good social responsibility!

25% of total vehicle damage costs can be attributed to smartphone use

Although it is difficult to get the hard numbers, for obvious reasons, it is estimated that 25 percent of all car accidents happen because the driver was distracted by his or her smartphone. A third of all employees are texting while driving and 30% of this group experienced a near-car accident as a result of texting. The experience did not change their behavior! Employees tend to continue texting and swiping whilst driving. Business drivers that use their smartphone during driving are younger than the average business driver and almost half of them (46%) are under the age of 41.

What our customers say

  The use of cell phones while driving is one of the main risks in road freight transport. According to estimations by insurance companies, 25 percent of total costs are currently caused by truck drivers who are distracted by their smartphones. However, it makes a difference to read about the consequences or to experience them. Our roadside assistants can see the catastrophic impact in practice every day. It is our responsibility to make people aware of the fact that it is also possible to increase road safety effectively by simple means. This is why, on the one hand, we support the efforts of the EU and the FIA campaign 2 seconds. In addition, the SafeDrivePod system will become an optional part of our product portfolio  

Dirk Fröhlich, CEO of ADAC Truckservice, Laichingen

  One of the top priorities of HEINEKEN worldwide is Road Safety. Driving is part of our daily business, from transporting commodities to our breweries till bringing the product to the (end) customer. In The Netherlands, HEINEKEN has installed Telematics (insights in behavior) and the SafeDrivePod (preventing distraction) in the vehicles of the HEINEKEN fleet. We believe that this supports a safer environment on the road, both for the employees as for the other road users.  

Dominique van den Eijnde, SHE Manager at Heineken Nederland

  I recognize the rising number of traffic casualties in the Netherlands as a major social problem. The rise is mainly due to distractions caused by the use of the smartphone. As a company, we feel responsible for the safety of our employees and those of other road users. That is why we want to promote a safe driving style. SafeDrivePod plays an important role in this. That is why it was a logic choice for us to provide this smart technical solution to the over 700 lease cars of the Canon employees who are on the road every day.  

Joop van Boerdonk, Managing Director Canon Nederland N.V.


Safe kilometers thanks to SafeDrivePod

Safe miles thanks to SafeDrivePod


Paul Hendriks


Paul Hendriks is initiator and founder of SafeDrivePod. He is the driving force behind the commercial success of the company.

Erik Damen


Dr. Erik Damen is co-founder and the technical brains behind the product. He has years of experience in product development and software.

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