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Crash detection

Crash detection provides a crucial customer touchpoint

Donnerstag 23 November 2023
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Crash detection is an integral part of improving FNOL. The digitization of First Notice of Loss (eFNOL) can bring great benefits to both insurers and the insured. In this particular clip, Thomas Rettenwander, head of affinity at wefox talks about building relationships with clients, increasing touchpoint efficiency, and how eFNOL can provide both when crash detection is incorporated.


The human factor in eFNOL and crash detection

For the motor insurance branche, being able to respond immediately following a traffic accident is a crucial step in providing customer satisfaction. Naturally, there are way more benefits to  crash detection, but it's interesting to hear Thomas Rettenwander focus mainly on improving touch points. In our strides to improve efficiency, the human component often gets overlooked. We shouldn't lose touch as to why motor insurance exists in the first place: to bring aid, relief, comfort and some peace of mind wherever possible in case of a traffic accident. Naturally, it's goal is also to keep damage costs as low as possible for all parties involved, but those parties are still - and will remain to be - human beings. And human beings do very much appreciate high levels of service.


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