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Road safety

Improving road safety: a global matter of saving millions

Donnerstag 30 Juni 2022
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During the General assembly of the UN in june 2022 in New York, UN Secretary-General António Guterres thanked all of the attendees for coming together to focus on improving road safety — a critical issue among the many challenges facing our world. Calling it a 'silent epidemic on wheels', Guterres was adamant about taking the opportunity to drive progress, to take concrete actions and thereby realising lasting change.


1.3 million dead and 50 million injured every year
Every year, 1.3 million people die on roads. That's like twenty airliners falling from the sky. Not every year, but every day. It doesn't end there: 50 million people are seriously injured. Road accidents are the single biggest killer of young people  The tragedy only becomes greater by the fact that most of these deaths are entirely preventable. Traffic accidents can hurt entire families, through either the loss of a breadwinner or lost income and the cost of medical care due to an injury.


Cut in half
The goals of the UN are to cut road traffic deaths and injuries by half by 2030 and to promote sustainable mobility with safety at its core. The UN Secretary-General asked all of the attendees to raise attention and awareness and foster more inclusive collaboration and closer coordination across sectors and stakeholders.


We need action
As a company that is all about improving road safety worldwide, no words ever rang more true to us than those of Secretary-General Guterres. But words are not enough, and never will be. We need more ambitious and urgent action to reduce the biggest risks, such as distracted driving and speeding. Infrastructure needs to be safe and sustainable as well, but this takes great amounts of time and money. Driving behavior is something we can change today. We've been doing that since 2016, and if it's up to us, will remain doing so indefinitely.


Start making a difference right now
To quote UN Secretary-General Guterrez: "Every one of us has a role to play in making roads safer for everyone, everywhere. Together, we can save lives, support development and steer our world to safer roads ahead, leaving no one behind."


Do you want to start making a difference today? Give us a ring and you can start making roads safer rightaway.

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