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Sustainability: putting words into action

Donnerstag 8 Dezember 2022
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It's no secret that one of our main spearheads is to actively contribute to a better environment. As a proud part of AutoBinck Group, we are happy to announce the prioritization of sustainability within the entire group. One of the most important goals is to reduce CO2 emissions. Our current CO2 footprint is being mapped out, and we have a clear starting point at the beginning of 2023, substantiated with a report. AutoBinck's sustainability program - aptly named GoBetter! - aims to convert our sustainable ambitions into actions. The goals we set for ourselves as a group are based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Sustainability on a detailed level
As mentioned before, we started taking inventory at a company level. Emissions are divided into three categories: direct emissions (from buildings and lease cars, for example), indirect emissions caused by the purchase of utilities (water, gas and energy), and all other, indirect emissions (classified in fifteen categories). Every AutoBinck Group branch in every country will provide the information required for the CO2 measurement; from the number of kilometers driven to the use of paper in the printers. We want to be thorough, because details are quite important.


Reporting and annual accounts
Experts process the collected data in a sustainability report. AutoBinck Group as a holding company will include these numbers in the annual accounts. All companies within the group will receive their own reports, which they will include in their annual report. In this way, we comply with the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). This instructs us - and all other large and/or listed companies - to report on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in the future.


The start of a long journey
Now that we know what our emissions look like in detail, we know exactly where we can reduce them (even further), both structurally and consistently. That is extremely important, because just like us, our customers and suppliers also consider it important to work with  sustainable partners. By turning our ambitions into action, we and all other companies within the AutoBinck Group can provide insight into our sustainability score during tendering procedures, customer inquiries and financing applications, by presenting the correct sustainability certificates. Our next stop: having the lowest possible CO2 footprint!


Curious about our sustainable ambitions? Contact us or the GoBetter! team via

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