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SafeDrivePod: a short overview of our product features

Montag 6 März 2023
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At SafeDrivePod we offer telematics, crash detection and a solution that helps reduce road traffic related damages caused by smartphone distraction, all rolled into one. We also offer assistance with the installation and operation of all of SafeDrivePod’s features, as well as product and data integrations with external solutions, services and systems.


Fully modular

We live in a world of endless possibilities. Not wanting to be a limiting factor, we've designed our solution in such a way that it can be tailored to your exact specifications: you have full control over which features you want - or don’t want - to use.


Choose from five functionalities

At its core, we offer three essential functionalities to end users. SafeDriveMotion helps them to gain insight into their driving behaviour. SafeDriveFocus helps them to resist the temptation of the smartphone while driving. Finally, SafeDriveResponse enables instant relief in the event of serious and less serious traffic accidents. Companies that choose to use SafeDrivePod can also count on proactive assistance in optimizing the use of our solutions within their companies: thanks to SafeDriveCoach you can count on help with the installation, operation and daily use of all of our functionalities. To top it off, companies can call upon SafeDriveLink to get active support in integrating SafeDrivePod (or any part of it) with your own product or service.


Still the same at it's core

SafeDrivePod consists of a small device, an app and an online dashboard. Thanks to a smart combination of hardware and software that is fully developed inhouse, we are able to offer a much more affordable, versatile and reliable alternative to traditional or app-only telematics solutions. No GPS connection, continuous data connection or external power source is needed. Therefore, end user privacy isn’t compromised, installation is a breeze and long-term operation is guaranteed.


Watch our video on Youtube for a short overview of all of our product features:


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